5 mushroom blend powder 1 gram serving (mushrooms divided equally for now, 20 percent of each)(Cordyceps, lions mane, reshi, turkey tail, and chaga)


Myco Pack 5 Mushroom Blend- “We aren’t serving fufu, we’re serving food! No tinctures or extracts here, the mycopak uses a magic 5 mushroom blend from our organic USA dried powders. Your body will be digesting them as actual food, not just chemicals, meaning that you are getting the most benefits! We say immunity, power and focus because we have hand selected these specific mushrooms to cater to those attributes. Lion’s mane mushroom is famous for… cordyceps….reshi..TT..chaga (sentences about each(adaptogens)). This simple powder can be added to any smoothie, shake, recipe and even your coffee or tea! It will only be a matter of time before you feel the growing effects and improve your health!


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